Posters presented – IASP World Congress on Pain

Posters presented in 2018 – IASP World Congress on Pain

  • Sleep Quality Profiling of TMD Pain Patients and Its Associated Clinical and Psychosocial Factors: IASP 2018 sleep quality
  • Acute mental stress does not influence descending inhibitory pain modulation in women with  temporomandibular disorder and healthy controls Poster 85 x 142 cm_Final
  • Sleep Quality and psychosocial symptoms in TMD patients: a T-Score analysis: IASP BOSTON 2018
  • TMD Muscle Pain and Night-to-night Variability in Sleep Bruxers Patients: IASP CV BRUXISM 2018
  • Establishing a Protocol for Botulinum Toxin A Applications in Persistent Masticatory Muscle Pain, Based on Its Efficacy and Safety: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial: IASP 2018 1